Hiscall Managed Services (HMS)

HMS is our no-hassle solution for businesses looking to simplify their communication investment.

Hiscall Managed Services offers service agreements to take care of day-in and day-out support and functions of your communications system.

Hiscall will keep your system running smoothly and adjust to the day-to-day challenges and changes your company faces. Hiscall owns and maintains the equipment at the customer site with no surprise costs or upfront installation charge. 

For a fixed, affordable monthly payment, Hiscall Managed Services include:

  • Equipment
  • Installation
  • Dispatch services at the highest priority
  • Onsite & remote troubleshooting
  • Move, add & change work (programming changes)
  • Carrier services support 
  • No surprise charges or upfront costs*
  • No need to make a large capital expenditure for new equipment
  • *Additional expenses can occur if equipment and cabling is added after implementation

Let the Hiscall team ensure your communications system will fit your current and future needs by creating a custom Hiscall Managed Services plan for your business.

As providers of advanced, mission-critical communications systems, Hiscall structures its comprehensive agreements to optimize system performance, ensure stability and minimize the duration and impact of any disruption to customer operations, should an issue occur. Service is more than a piece of paper; it is a commitment. 


The parts you need, in stock…today!

We keep over 2 million dollars of inventory on hand for same day quick response. Managed Services/Hiscall Support customers have priority access to parts. Parts and labor are free for items covered under Managed Services.


Our Technical staff is the backbone of our service!

  • Qualified, trained, certified, & knowledgeable personnel – Over 50% of staff are certified technicians and engineers.
  • Hiscall keeps all manufactures certifications current at all times.
  • Full-Service Business Partner – Certified Technicians, Project Managers, Software Specialists, On-site Trainers, Account Consultants, Cabling, Data & TSO


E-911 – Kari’s Law & Ray Baum Act

Emergency Response Operations

End-User Training / Consulting

Hiscall Managed Services

Hiscall Support Agreement